Postharvest Innovation Plan Series

Postharvest Innovations LLC is a relatively new company, founded in 2011 and owned by Dr. Lisa Kitinoja and Mr. John Sargeant of La Pine, Oregon. From 1990 until 2011, Lisa operated the consulting firm Extension Systems International in California, Arizona and Oregon. Most of her assignments were in developing countries in Africa, South Asia, North Africa/Middle East and Indonesia, where she provided technical assistance for public and private sector clients and international development projects involving postharvest loss assessments, packinghouse/cold storage design, small-scale postharvest handling practices and training on best practices for reducing postharvest food losses and developing the cold chain. John retired from the aerospace industry in Northern California, where he worked as a production control manager and total quality management team leader. He currently works part time with PI LLC as an expert and trainer on the development of missions and metrics.

 Postharvest Innovation Plan Series (Low cost, small-scale practices for reducing postharvest food losses):
 S.No. Topics  
 1. Shade Structures  
 2. Sizing Rings  
 3. Harvesting Bags  
 4. Colour Charts  
 5. Sorting/ Grading/ Packing Table  
 6. Zero Energy Cool Chamber (ZECC) (100kg model)  
 7. Zero Energy Cool Chamber (ZECC) (1 MT model)  
 8. Portable Forced Air Coolers  
 9. Produce Washing Stations  
 10. COOLBot™ Equipped Small Scale Cold Room  
 11. Solar Dryers - inexpensive direct models  
 12. Solar Dryers - improved indirect models  
 13. Field Packing  
 14. Insulated Shipping Containers  
 15. Dry Food Storage Containers  
 16. Insulated Packages - Liners and Covers  
 17. Package Liners and Dividers  
 18. Curing Root and Tuber Crops  
 19. Curing Bulb Crops  
 20. On-farm Storage for Fruits and Vegetable Crops  

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