Kader Award Presentations 
Dr. Mohammed Razu Ahmed 
Gerefa Sefu 
  Mohmad Arief Zargar
Roseline Marealle 
 PEF Presentations
 Dr Lisa Kitinoja - Monitoring and Evaluation Dr Lisa Kitinoja - Mission, Goals and objectives  Vijay Yadav T. & Lisa Kitinoja - Postharvest capacity buildingTokala V.Y., Mohammed M. and Kitinoja L.- Innovative
extension platforms and effective training programs
Holcroft D. and Kitinoja L. -PEF:
Role in Reducing Postharvest Losses

Dr Lisa Kitinoja - Innovative small-scale postharvest technologies to reduce losses
Postharvest Capacity Building - Book launch webinar
Tokala V.Y. & Mohammad M. - Postharvest extension and capacity building for the developing world  Lisa Kitinoja - SDG 2&12: Reducing Food Loss/WasteLisa Kitinoja - Designing a Postharvest Training and Service Center Vijay Yadav T. Postharvest handling of horticulture produce in the developing world Vijay Yadav T. - Postharvest management to ensure food security and the critical role of capacity building  
  Vijay Yadav T. - Cold chain management - current status and scope in India. Vijay Yadav T. & Lisa Kitinoja - Reducing postharvest food waste by upcycling into innovative food products.Vijay Yadav T. - Postharvest Loss Management and Policy Interventions. Deirdre HolcroftThe Postharvest Education Foundation
Vijay Yadav & Olubukola 
Postharvest Loss Management and Gender Equity 
 Other Presentations
Charles L. Wilson -
'Healthy Cities- Cities of Tomorrow'
Simon et al. -
Value of improving postharvest practices 
Solange Musanase - CSAM Reports 2018, Rwanda Kukom Edoh Ognakossan
Training of Trainers on Postharvest Management of Onion
Olubukola Odeyemi and Lisa Kitinoja- Cold Chain Development Sucess: Special Considerations when handling fresh produce  

Albert Fosso - Evolution des Micro-jardins en Afrique: Leçons apprises de projets et les perspectives 


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