Do you have questions about where to find information about postharvest practices?

Do your job duties include training others in postharvest handling?

Are you looking for some practical ideas for postharvest demonstrations?

Are you looking for topic ideas or illustrations for a postharvest presentation?

Do you need a customized workshop or specialized training program for your organization?

Are you interested in learning how to design a postharvest training and services center for your community?


Our Directors and volunteers are available online or via e-mail to serve as mentors or advisors to young professionals, extension workers, farm advisors, and private consultants around the world who are involved in activities related to postharvest handling, packaging, cooling, shipping, storage of fresh fruits and vegetables, and improved storage and processing of all food crops.

There is no charge for mentoring services or participation in our online discussions. We will do our best to answer your question or point you in the right direction. Many PEF training materials are available as links or downloads from this website, or can be downloaded for free via this link--  you will find an enormous amount of manuals, references and illustrations.

See our pages under Resources, the Mentors List, and the list of PEF communication outlets on the Contact Us page.


Join our discussions to learn more. We currently interact with more than 5200 members in our Postharvest Training groups:


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